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I occupy education because:

  • The big picture is being shattered into smaller and smaller pieces.
  • We need less competition and more cooperation—now more than ever.
  • The labels we assign to students (and other people) become our blinders.
  • Learning “disabilities” may actually be wonderful gifts.
  • We become less human the more we allow ourselves to be measured, tracked, and reduced to bits of data.
  • Teachers and students are not robots.
  • Imagination—not productivity—is the engine of human progress.
  • “Normal” is a myth. Diversity is the truth.
  • Humanity will not survive the future without demonstrating compassion, curiosity, respect, and cooperation.
  • We can do better. We must.

Read the full manifesto here: ‘Disabled’ Students and Forgotten Frontiers: A Manifesto for All of Us.

100% agree!!! My friend is at the school right now having to defend her Autistic son from a non-supportive teacher. I took my son out of school this year because it became too negative. He now learns at home. We have a great time and he has a much richer educational experience. Daily. <3

‘Occupy’ protesters join teachers and parents on Tweed steps

“Let me tell you some of the things that go on at a school with an A-rating. On days when quality reviewers show up, students are mysteriously suspended. students are put into special education classrooms for engaging in normal teenage behavior,” said a woman who identified herself as Sarah. “All of these students … are of color. Most of them are poor.”

The way to change the situation, she said, is “to take back the Department of Education, to take back the teachers union.” At that, crowd members lifted their hands and waved their fingers, a sign for applause used in the Occupy movement.

Karina García, a math teacher at the Facing History School, said she brings her high school students to Zuccotti Park, the locus of the movement, once a week.

“We have been inspired,” she told the crowd while a couple of her students looked on. “You show that the people have the power.”

Wow..that is messed up!

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